About Us

GeoEdge was founded by a group of professionals aspiring to serve with state-of-the-art mapping, modelling and visualization with geospatial data, and information to provide effective and novel solutions to our clients who are looking for end-to-end innovative solutions for the improvement of our living environment.

The Company

We are working on, but not limited to, GIS, Remote Sensing, Software applications, web solutions, ERP systems, MIS and Network solutions. We Started in 2006 as OZI Solutions, and has been gaining professional recognitions among clients around the globe. GeoEdge was launched to diversify your services to geospatial technologies and space based application in disaster, environment, development, etc. providing new directions to our clients.

Our Vision

To provide unique & timely, technically sound, cost effective, reliable and intelligent Software and GIS solutions with scalability and high performance in order to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Our Mission

GeoEdge philosophy is to assure our clients that they are able to grow by partnering with us, and we take pride in establishing professional and cordial long-term relationships. Our commitment to clients is strong and long-lasting. Our goal at Geoedge is to continue to improve and diversify range of services through tomorrow’s technology to give our clients an edge in their businesses.

  • GeoEDGE (Pvt.) Ltd
         No:569, Nawala Road,
         Rajagiriya Sri Lanka
  •   +94 112 886195
  • info@geoedge.lk

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