Disaster Management and Recovery solutions (DMRS)

The development and implementation of application software as natural disaster data and information management is important to have a strong management commitment and cooperation for natural contingency. This system presents a Disaster Management and Recovery Solutions (DMRS) which includes five main modules, namely Communication and reporting Module, Disaster Repository Module, Information Management Module, GIS Module, Disaster Education and Learning Module to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the decision making at a disaster situation.

The WebGIS based disaster management system developed through this research study meant to be used as a standard data collection system amongst key players, which stores the collected data in a regularly updated centralized database. The ability of this tool for gathering relevant data through all of governmental departments, organizations and input this data in a GIS as an appropriate tool to process and analyze it, can help managers to make a better decision during and just after of a disaster. Further this system provides public and private sectors to access current and accurate information about disasters and government response.

The system provides population information of given area, information about properties, buildings and physical infrastructure, details of institutions who involve in disaster mitigation and geographical information about the area. Thus, it plays an important role in disaster mitigation. The system mainly focuses on post disaster activities which generally include damage assessment and relief works. Further, this information can be made available to donors, government authorities and non-governmental organizations who involve specially in post disaster relief work.

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