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Web GIS has revealed the immense value and applicability of GIS to e-government, e-business, e-science, and daily life. We provide diversify web GIS solutions various sectors.
We are providing our services to leading humanitarian organisations to manage their information Management system via web GIS applications. Embedded with cutting edge technology we disseminate information to targeted community efficiently and effectively.

Software Development

We provide cost effective and innovative software solutions to our customers concentrate on their business model. Our diversify professional’s knowledge and technical expertise facilitates to deliver high quality software. With the solution we provided our clients had immediate, drastic and positive changes.

Web Solutions

We provide quality, responsive website design services using the latest HTML5, Css3, Bootstrap, Yii and many more cutting edge technologies.
Some of our web solutions/services are

  • Custom Web Solutions
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Database Driven Content Management

Mobile Solutions

We provide user friendly, innovative and cost effective mobile solutions for any mobile platform. We have developed several GIS applications for mobile devices to manage information systems.
Our solutions give you

  • Reduce on travel time and costs
  • Improve service by making information availability
  • Real-time connection with no needs for synchronisation
  • Easy to install and use

Capacity Building

Technological advancement of ICT is particularly rapid, with growing economies and their demand being enormous, especially where countries are looking for better information management systems for sustainable resource management, rapid response, and developing disaster resilience societies. Human resource development has become a challenging task in preparing the world to cope with technological development and tailor the global systems for their needs.

IT Consulting

Comprehensive project management dealing with various sectors when it comes to services based on space technologies. Identify and finding human resources, communicating with national, private and education sectors, solution with respect to country requirements and helping clients working in Asia providing comprehensive Geoinformatic Solutions. Primary area of consulting is the application of space related solutions to national and regional problems. We work with local partners bringing in your expertise to help the developing countries in the region.

  • GeoEDGE (Pvt.) Ltd
         No:569, Nawala Road,
         Rajagiriya Sri Lanka
  •   +94 112 886195
  • info@geoedge.lk

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